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Safer Road, Fuller Lives

One particular on the terrific ills plaguing our society these days is road accident claiming lives and house. Indeed, the menace of road accident is seriously and dangerously threatening the really existence of our personal society. Our newspaper in screaming headlines, report practically each day on the incidence of road accident right here and there all over the country. Lives are no more protected? Can 1 day pass without the need of a road accident? There is a basic feeling of insecurity on our roads. Consequently of re-occurring of road accident, persons have given series of recommendations concerning how the case of road accident is usually checked. But do we proffer solutions to one thing its causes have not been identified? My view, therefore, is the fact that the causes of road accident be traced before it can be checked.

Initially, the deplorable state with the nation's roads is unremarkable. Very narrows roads and roads with no road marks or lanes are widespread in this part of the globe. There are several instances where drivers try to prevent potholes only to collide at high speed with oncoming automobiles. There are various circumstances while driving; the driver is not going to see oncoming autos on account of up-hilly topography on our roads. Most of our roads are covered with trees and weed, which obstruct the sight of drivers. Can we've a local, state and federal government that will use tax payers' revenue to develop good and tough roads? Can we've a technique where such roads will probably be maintained often? When the government of our day can invest fantastic revenue to develop and retain our roads this may assistance life security.

Likewise, the price at which the tanker and trailers' drivers disturb and harm the road is alarming. If the majority of our roads are dualised and there are actually separate roads for trailers, our roads might be accident free and drivers will travel smoothly. There really should also be an alternative to important roads in case of any traffic jam around the road, this will avert numerous road users from spending as well considerably time around the road.

Post by bneelee11 (2016-05-07 03:29)

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